Herd Sires

We have kept and used every boar line that exists in North America today at one time or another.  While we appreciate diversity, we have quite intentionally utilized our favorites in our selective breeding program for the characteristics that are valuable to us.  For this reason, you'll see a predominance of certain lines while still adding in outside genetics throughout our pedigrees.  Currently, we have the following boars being put to our outstanding gilts and sows for the sole intention of producing pigs for pork.  We love beautiful pigs of size and type with a ferocious rate of growth.  Genetics first, then feed.  Thank you for taking an interest in our breeding operation (the oldest in North America) ~ The Historic USA Herd.


Belted son to USA Contender by USA Patty Cake (daughter to Grand Champion USA Bakers Man)

CHAMPION ST. JOHN ~ LOZ Mahia Love 14 (AKPR 17608)

Solid black son to USA Mahia Love "Fergus Henderson" going back to many notable USA Herd get of sire.

LORD BIGGINS ~ USA Tutaki 2 (AKPR 23033)

Ginger boar out of the rare bloodline, Tutaki, Biggins is son to DHF Big Sweetie and grandson to USA Biggles...not to mention his dam is none other than "USA Heiress Suprema of the American Aristocracy" who is daughter to TWO SUPREME CHAMPIONS (USA Robert Bakewell and USA Rillette)!  Great pedigree, good looks, and a RARE boar line to boot!


Royal Pork

We breed pigs.  We cook pigs.  We sell pigs.  Deep roots and new found friendships go back to royal lands whether it be the UK, New Zealand, or Canada.  The British have made a mark on our farm.  We are artisan farmers crafting the perfect pigs for your table.  Order a whole pig, select cuts, or reserve a boucherie pig for your own tasty event.  Feast like a King!