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COVID 19 Causes Change

Posted 5/22/2020 10:32am by Lori Enright.


This current COVID19 pandemic has been cause for a lot of change in our lives...quarantine, social distancing, the wearing of masks, virtual meetings on every level....online classes, zoom conferencing...people on television talking over each other...even AKPR is hosting a virtual hog show. As I mentioned in a previous post, I pray for a change of heart.  My hope is that change will come to us all as a blessing.

One thing that has occurred to me is the new awareness of our food system.  A system that farmers and advocates have known for a long time now needs change.  The COVID19 situation has caused a great deal of fear...the hoarding of all sorts of things....toilet paper, hand-sanitizer, and meat.  I see a blessing in the fact that lots of people have now become aware that there is a crazy system of how and by whose hands we are provided food in this country....and most other places throughout the world.

My sincere hope is that this awareness will be cause for change and that it will be one that sinks in and stays put.  All of us who raise some or all of our food have been singing the praises of good clean local food ofttimes to deaf ears.  Grow your own where you can...and everyone can grow something!  Share with your neighbor, trade with other farms, give excess to the needy, and buy from your local small farm or farmer's market.

Interestingly, our co-op farm has begun to raise our Kunekune Pigs for the farmstand which was something that they had been very wary that the community would not embrace due to pricing.  It is expensive to grow food!  We have been spoiled by cheap, poor quality, but good looking and abundant food in our grocery stores!  I am so pleased to say that the farm is having no trouble selling out of Kunekune Pedigree Pork and their organic beef.  The hardest part is keeping the freezer stocked!  Now, that's a change for good!

Royal Pork

We breed pigs.  We cook pigs.  We sell pigs.  Deep roots and new found friendships go back to royal lands whether it be the UK, New Zealand, or Canada.  The British have made a mark on our farm.  We are artisan farmers crafting the perfect pigs for your table.  Order a whole pig, select cuts, or reserve a boucherie pig for your own tasty event.  Feast like a King!