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Breed Description Matters

Posted 5/21/2020 8:18am by Lori Enright.


How do we identify the various breeds of animals?  What comes to mind when you hear the word "Holstein"?  How about "Berkshire"?  And "Rhode Island Red"?  Should a horned breed not have horns?  Or a polled lack them?  Often breed names give insight or even immediate recognition of a particular color or trait.  Breed description matters because the breed has been selected to possess/lack those traits which make it unique and identifiable within its species whether to suit a purpose or preference.  Breeders who value the Breed Standard will cull animals that do not meet that standard utilizing them for food while selecting only those who meet the Standard for breeding.  The Red Wattle Hog clearly is a wattled breed which is understood by everyone without question.  The Kunekune Pig is a wattled breed whose description is documented by historic record and well-established by the various breed registries around the globe.  Whether you call them wattles, pire pire, or tassels, they are an identifiable and unique characteristic of the breed.  A wattled breed should have wattles.  Breed description matters.  


Royal Pork

We breed pigs.  We cook pigs.  We sell pigs.  Deep roots and new found friendships go back to royal lands whether it be the UK, New Zealand, or Canada.  The British have made a mark on our farm.  We are artisan farmers crafting the perfect pigs for your table.  Order a whole pig, select cuts, or reserve a boucherie pig for your own tasty event.  Feast like a King!