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The New Normal

Posted 5/19/2020 1:18pm by Lori Enright.

How are you holding up?  It's a strange time, but I hope that you have received some blessing during this time of social distancing.  If it were not for the social medias, we would have trouble keeping in touch with one another, but social media can also become a real distraction to what is truly important.  In light of those facts, I have decided to distance myself as much as possible from Facebook and Instagram, but be present here where we used to make known our farm and farming practices and share a little about our lives.  It's how we used to do and it was, as I recall, a kinder time where people who truly wished to learn something of what their peers were about seemed sincere.  I hope that your time during the COVID 19 stay at home order has helped you refocus and find what really matters.

  God bless you ~ from our farm to yours.

Royal Pork

We breed pigs.  We cook pigs.  We sell pigs.  Deep roots and new found friendships go back to royal lands whether it be the UK, New Zealand, or Canada.  The British have made a mark on our farm.  We are artisan farmers crafting the perfect pigs for your table.  Order a whole pig, select cuts, or reserve a boucherie pig for your own tasty event.  Feast like a King!