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Small Batch Swinery & Modern Victorian Farmhouse

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Olde Reminisce Farms has always been an amalgamation of multiple properties and partner farms playing host to The Historic USA Herd of Kunekune Pigs.  The main herd of pigs resides at Amy's Farm in Ontario, California (San Bernardino County).  Amy's Farm is in transition from an educational farm focusing mainly on "beyond organic" vegetable gardens to one that includes a REGENERATIVE model by adding livestock suitable to smallholdings providing hands-on experience and instruction to future farmers from beyond the borders of the United States.  We support Amy's Farm and their thoughtful foresight in utilizing reclaimed water to create healthful pasture plots for the grazing of low impact cows, pigs, goats, sheep, ducks, turkeys, and chickens on a small scale.  Heritage breeds are becoming the model for the urban farm, smallholdings, and rare breed farms to which Amy's Farm will provide students a path to learning.  Olde Reminisce Farms is a large part of that educational path.

We are blessed to have partner farms also located in our region to further our "terrior breeding program" which seeks to select for and create a herd of pigs especially suited to our climate and to impart the best flavor that Southern California has to offer.

Bonita Vista Farms, owned by the Allan Tiso family, located on the historic Fleming Ranch in Mountain Center is a scene of rolling green pastures, wooded lots with ancient oaks, and underground streams where local Indian tribes once lived.  This farm is unique among the others in that the elevation of the farm provides four distinct seasons, warm summers, a cooler springtime and fall, a white and sometimes stormy winter.

Justin & Krisha Gurley belong to a cattle ranching family in Central California surrounded by thousand acre ranches reminiscent of the old west.  Seeking to create a market for Kunekune Pedigree Pork and selectively breeding from USA Pigs allows for hard data to be collected to strengthen our intuition while providing real time optics on our breeding program.  The Gurley Family Farm also has pastures and rolling hills dotted with ancient oaks where acorns are abundant for the finishing of pigs come autumn.

AG Pig Farm has a new location and will be home to granddaughter Aria's sounder of purebred Kunekune Pigs located nearby in Gavilan Hills next to the untouched beauty of aqua colored Lake Mathews. Aria's program places an emphasis on conformation to the Breed Standard and improvement of her namesake, the Aria Giana bloodline.  She has been learning and working alongside with her first pig chosen when she was just 3 years of age.  That pig was a perfect match for her and went on to win the title of Grand Champion sow under Aria's handling.  "Rainbow", the black and white sow named by a three year old, is the foundation for her breeding program.

Reminisce House is our family home where we welcome our guests to come and learn.  Set up for educational events teaching whole hog butchery and overfire cooking, we enjoy sharing our time with family and friends.






Royal Pork

We breed pigs.  We cook pigs.  We sell pigs.  Deep roots and new found friendships go back to royal lands whether it be the UK, New Zealand, or Canada.  The British have made a mark on our farm.  We are artisan farmers crafting the perfect pigs for your table.  Order a whole pig, select cuts, or reserve a boucherie pig for your own tasty event.  Feast like a King!